Prospects and Educational Requirements for Technology Consultants

Due to the accelerating changes in the Internet, computing, and communications technology, this specialization is expected to see a remarkable amount of growth in the next decade. However, the job prospects are expected to remain competitive, as it is currently an area that many young people are targeting for their business career.

As a result, the educational and experiential requirements for the job are rather demanding. Most entry-level positions in professional services firms, which will eventually lead to a Consultancy, require a bachelor’s degree at the very least. A few years of experience are required to gain a specialization, and graduate degrees are sometimes necessary.

Management analysts, in general, are showing some remarkable growth, with a 24% increase expected between 2008 and 2018. Many of these jobs will be filled at professional services firms, and further specialization in green technological management may be seen.

The average salary of Information Technology Consultants is $82,090 as of 2008, and that is usually accompanied, if working at a professional services firm, by benefits such as a retirement plan, health and life insurance, vacation, paid leave, and reimbursed travel expenses.