Payroll Administrator

The basic function of payroll administrators is to handle payment of company employees. As such, the position is administrative in nature. Keeping time sheets, managing payroll accounts, and ensuring that the correct amount of taxes are being taken out of paychecks and held for the government, as well as calculating employee benefits, processing payments and other, similar considerations are all a part of the payroll administrator’s job. Additionally, if there is a problem with processing, the payroll administrator is expected to fix it

In some cases, the payroll administrator’s job will be quite complicated. In others, it will be relatively simple. It all depends on the company, its size, and the benefits it provides employees. Larger companies may have an entire department devoted to payroll administration, while some companies prefer to outsource their payroll work to payroll administration companies.

The vast majority of companies hire high school graduates, showing a preference for people who have some skill with computers. The skills required for the job are taught in-house, and there are currently no official certification programs necessary for this business job.