Finding a Business Job

Landing the job that is right for your abilities, likes, dislikes, and personal ticks does not happen overnight! It takes time, effort, and experience. But the good news is that the process only improves over time as you come closer to doing what you really want to do.

So the best place to start is by trying, and by being flexible. As you go through the activities on this page – creating a resume, networking, building a list of references, and going to job interviews – keep an open mind, and be aware that just as your future employer is looking for the right person to fill a job opening, so too are you looking for the right job opening to fill.

And know that most people do not begin in the right place. Some people are good at everything and have no idea where their true talent lies. Others wonder whether they will enjoy working in a small business or in an international corporation. The point is, no one knows everything about himself or herself when embarking on a professional career, and yet we all must start somewhere.

So where to start? You might want to try skipping to the self-assessment page of this resource. Alternately, you might already have a great idea about the kind of career you want but just need to know how best to go about finding a job. If so, then the majority of this section is made for you!


Devoted to the various components of the job search, this section will teach you:

  1. How to build your resume, step by step;
  2. How to create and update a list of great references, with some practical advice that most people forget or do not know about;
  3. How to network, and why it is absolutely integral to the job search and the process of exploring one’s career path;
  4. How to write cover letters and to make the best first impression possible
  5. How to prepare for interviews: what to know and how to approach them.